Creative Technologist with more than 10 years of work experience, currently working at media.monks in their Hilversum office, once in a while I also take side projects as an independent contractor for Chilean clients.

I started on digital production by learning CAD drawing in the late nineties, later I discovered 3D modeling and rendering, I realized then of the potential of digital tools, website creation at first and then flash ads did the job of getting me into development by looking advanced ways of interaction. Years later I got into the physical computing realm and by inheritance the many ways to prototyping and experiment creating things that worked beyond screens, but this time using real world elements and materials.

And the later has become now my regular workday, always learning something new, looking for the next trend, aiming my attention to problem solving and natural playing. My ideal workplace is where I can solve, discover, inspire, research, mix, connect, code, weld, snap, design, learn, disrupt, experiment.

I also have taught how all those unique skills come together and communicate in order to build complex interactive systems, that means that I can also do consulting related work for clients, abstracting complex topics so they can easily grab a new tech trend and think on ways of using it.

My set of skills and knowledge include:

I've have involved technically in various FWA LOGO award winning projects, for kids reading disabilities, 3D printing for parkinson awareness, with volumetric videos, for an Adidas launching event,

You can contact me at : [email protected], follow me on Instagram where I show my cooking skills, read my tweets and retweets